Julia Konstantinidou      Thu, 13/07/2023

Dear THLG members,

During our recent Conference in The Hague, one of the most intense moments was that of Jos and Marlies Willems retirement speech. They are both undoubtedly part of THLG’s living history and one of its strongest assets.  Jos and Marlies took the stand during our Gala Dinner and remembered special moments of when they first started.  The stories brought tears to many.  Elisabeth Cosmatos, THLG’s  newly elected president, awarded them for their contribution to the Group by handing them the signed and numbered silk screen print “Freedom” by Charoula Nikolaidou in gloss blue frame with light plexiglass, along with a lifetime recognition award displaying a beautiful photo of them both.  They accepted it in an atmosphere clearly charged with emotion, and thanked the participants and ExCom during their speech.

We hope Jos and Marlies enjoy this piece of art and reminisce all the good times shared with the THLG family for over 30 years.

Happy retirement to the iconic couple!