Andreas Hytas      Thu, 16/11/2023

Allelys, THLG member for the UK, recently completed the lifting and transportation of a Talgo railcar measuring 13.7m (l) x 2.94m (w) x 3.62m (h) and weighing 20te. The railcar was transported from Barrow Hill Railway Roundhouse in Chesterfield to the Global Centre of Rail Excellence in Onllwyn.

Our in-house engineering team identified a suitable route and engineered a transport arrangement on Allelys bespoke 5 axle Goldhofer rail trailer. “The first stage of the operation was to load and secure the railcar onto the trailer.

Typically we would use a ramp and winch technique, however due to the complex design and construction of this particular railcar, a solution was designed to complete a tandem crane lift to safely load the cargo,” explained Jamie Woodland, Commercial Manager at Allelys.

Allelys managed all of the lift requirements internally, including designing the appropriate lifting solution, creating detailed lift plans and providing specific method statements and risk assessments. The team then utilised our 100te and 200te mobile cranes, along with appropriate lifting tackle, to safely and securely load the railcar to the trailer.

Once the railcar was successfully loaded to the 5 axle rail trailer and tractor unit combination, it was then able to begin its transportation to site. Travelling across a long and challenging route, overcoming tight corners and difficult pinch points along the way, the load arrived at the Global Centre of Rail Excellence site in Onllwyn, South Wales, where the cargo was safely offloaded and delivered via a second tandem crane lift operation.

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