Binur Zeinelova      Thu, 08/02/2024

In the fast-paced world of global logistics, the key to success is not outpacing one mode of transport with another but seizing new opportunities for sustainable growth. This is particularly relevant for Eurasian overland transport, where Globalink Logistics shines, navigating the complexities brought on by Red Sea shipping disruptions with agility and innovation.

Innovative Multimodal Solutions

The Red Sea crisis has underscored the critical role of Silk Road overland and multimodal freight solutions in connecting Asia and Europe. Founded in 1994 to rejuvenate the historic Silk Road, Globalink Logistics is at the forefront of this transformation, offering a groundbreaking multimodal approach that integrates Rail, Road, and Air transportation. This strategy, supported by extensive asset-based road and rail transport services and an impressive regional presence, demonstrates Globalink's commitment to exceeding the limitations of traditional logistics.

With a robust infrastructure of 36 service stations across Western China, Central Asia, the Caucasus, and up to the Black and Baltic Seas, plus a team of over 1000 dedicated professionals, Globalink Logistics is a leader in Silk Road transportation innovation.

"We've listened to our customers and adapted our multimodal services to suit their diverse needs and budgets, offering road-air transit solutions that cut costs by up to 50% compared to direct air freight from China to Europe. Our all-road option delivers in less than 20 days, saving up to 70% against air freight. Furthermore, our rail and road-rail services ensure delivery from China to Europe in under 35 days, with full block trains of up to 44 TEUs achieving this in less than 30 days," explains Siddique Khan, CEO of Globalink Logistics, highlighting their commitment to innovative, cost-effective Eurasian logistics solutions.

Pioneering Efficient and Innovative Logistics

Globalink Logistics embodies the progress and resilience of Silk Road multimodal transport, expertly navigating today's challenges and laying the groundwork for tomorrow's success. Amid the Red Sea disruptions, Globalink's innovative solutions address immediate logistics needs and herald a lasting future for Eurasian transport logistics, affirming its leadership in providing innovative and efficient logistics solutions.