EGL Kadmar Group involved in the new Electric Train to reduce Cairo traffic

08 July, 2018

EGL (Kadmar Group), the specialized Heavy Lift logistics provider and equipment owner from Egypt, were awarded the tender for transportation of the equipment which will be used for the constructions of the electric train line between Cairo, and the new administrative Capital City, The Project length is 68 KM, includes 61 km of surface and 7 km on bridge, and 1 km implemented in tunnel linking with the third line of the metro station of Cairo. With distance of 160 km’s to be travelled, all the way from Adabiya to Abu Rawash was not an easy task due to nature of the consignment which are mostly locomotives and train units with different dimensions. EGL faced several challenges, right from movement planning to conducting due to the through planning and implementation of the plan by the team passing through the congested Capital Cairo serving thousand hundred of people on daily basis POL: Dammam – ٍ Saudi Arabia POD: Adabiya, Egypt Vessel: MV Antje Scope of work : 1. Route Survey from The Port of Adabiya to the Location of the Train station at Abou Rawash 2. Consultant Engineering for checking the bridges all over the way from POD to the site including the bridge of El Moneeb over the Nile before the truck load and after passing 3. Port Handling including discharging from vessel and trucking to storage area inside Adabyia port 4. Offloading of the HL to the supports and beams to the storage area after checking the soil bearing capacity and granting the Port Authority permission 5. Granting All permissions from Ministry of Transport (Road & Bridges Authorities) & Escort Police 6. Re-loading of the units to our axles lines and Trucking from Adabyia port up to Abu rawash site in Cairo. Distance 160 KM Challenges of the project 1. Trucking over the Moneeb bridge according to the consultant recommendation and RBA instructions with maximum 3 KM/Hours speed 2. Single Truck load over the bridge so the traffic over this important bridge has to stop both directions for nearly 22 minutes during the month of Ramadan 3. Granting the permission from the authorities in time in accordance to the project needs 4. Window given for the transport of the units was from 0600 to 1700hrs daily, except for crossing over the Moneeb Nile Bridge was from 0030 to 0100 5. The bridge has simple beam (18m) with over hanging ends (each 5m). The maximum bridge span is (64 m) Equipment Used by EGL: Hydraulic modular axle lines 18 axle lines - 12 axle lines Extendable Low bed trailers 4 axle lines Low bed trailer 4 axle line Telescopic trailer 21M Length 3 axle lines Special Steel Beams & Supports Total of 45 units: (2)units * 120 tons each (1) unit * 64 tons (1) unit * 42 tons (19) unit * 20 tons each (22) unit * from 20 tons to 35 tons each EGL have achieved this success without comprising on safety aspects and careful planning, although the trucking took more time than normal. Thanks to EGL Project Team for the cooperation. EGL continue to impress the market with the well trained staff along with the latest fleet equipment in Egypt. Stay tuned with our latest news • Website: • Facebook EGL: • YouTube EGL: For inquires on heavy lifts feel free to contact us via ; ;

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