Julia Konstantinidou      Thu, 28/12/2023

Matching our client’s request for his urgent heavy cargo to be timely delivered to Santos. EZ Link, THLG member in Taiwan, handled 2 pieces of machinery cargo ex Kaohsiung Port in Taiwan to Santos, Brazil via Heavy Lift vessel.  The dimension/weight are as below:

9.92 x 4.27 x 3.58 m, 123 WT + 4.2 X 3.1 X 3.3 m, 8.5 WT

The client needed to find a suitable schedule to move his heavy cargo with a weight up to 123 WT to Santos, Brazil, EZ LINK provided a charter BBC’s space solution by offering the most appropriate schedule to deliver his heavy cargo with enhanced lifting point for vessel crane lift-on/off heavy cargo in safety. Furthermore, our THLG member, FOX  Brasil, who held the role of coordinator as consignee/Notify Party on Marster BL, also provided their great assistance to ensure EZ Link’s BL to be issued smoothly in Brasil and to facilitate client to pick up cargo effectively, leading this shipment to a successful outcome. A perfect example of “Power in Unity” among THLG members.                 

By client’s confirmation – EZ Link’s arrangement on date of cargo arrival time, in cooperation with FOX Brasil's great assistance at destination, is a full match of our client’s request.   Both ends in Brazil and Taiwan were greatly satisfied with EZ Link Taiwan's  “Timely and Reliable service” as always.

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