Binur Zeinelova      Wed, 31/01/2024

Globalink Logistics proudly announces being named a recipient of the prestigious 2023 Best Supplier Award by Eurasian Resources Group (ERG), a leading mining conglomerate in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. In a competitive assessment, ERG recognized 17 outstanding Kazakh and international suppliers, with Globalink Logistics earning this notable distinction.

This award underscores Globalink Logistics' exceptional commitment and performance, distinguishing it among numerous contenders for its meticulous execution, favourable price-quality ratio, and consistent adherence to delivery timelines. The ERG Supplier Award celebrates high professionalism, reliability, and quality in service, marking Globalink's significant contribution to ERG’s operational efficiency and procurement processes.

Globalink Logistics, honoured by this recognition, reaffirms its dedication to excellence, aiming to exceed ERG’s expectations in logistics services continually. This achievement demonstrates Globalink's industry-leading position and reflects the broader enhancement in the quality of services in the sector.