Medhat El Kady      Mon, 09/05/2022

Project name: - East-Owinat Substations.  

Project Information’s: -

 Hitachi ABB Power Grids provided state-owned Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) with high-performance grid stabilization technology to help improve power quality and expand transmission capacity in the strategic Owinat development area in southwest Egypt, where desert wasteland is being reclaimed for agricultural use.  

Project Executions: -

On December 2021, A consortium had been established between Hitachi Energy / DB Schenker / Kadmar Group in order to handle first statcom power transformer in Egypt history from Alexandria Port to East-Owinat site.  

TWO transformers (128ton/each) was shipped from Antwerp on a Gearless vessel and off loaded by 2 heavy-lift cranes at Alexandria port with a especial arrangement with port authority and pre-technical engineering planning in cooperation with DB Schenker to guarantee smooth port operations due direct delivery from crane hook to job site .

Scope of work: -

  1. Lifting and transport engineering.
  2. Port, Route and site survey.
  3. Supply Two mobile crane 500ton/each to offload transformers into EGL trailers.
  4. Arrange road permits from utilities.
  5. Transport transformers from Port to Site.
  6. Offloading to foundations by hydraulic jacks

Challenges: -

  1. Transport distance from Port to site around 1,600 K.M
  2. Reconfigurations Hydraulic axles from 16 to 8 axle in order to reach foundation center.
  3. Total skidding distance for two transformer 45 meter.
  4. Rotations transformer 90ᵒ degree.
  5. Site entrance not easy due many H.V cables 500KV and 220KV.
  6. Foundations access curved and sloped (25 degree).
  7. Executions area width 6meter only between control room and transformers foundations.
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