Pawan Agarwal      Wed, 22/08/2018

Godrej had manufactured a Vacuum Desecrator in its Mumbai Vikhroli Production Plant for one of its’ prestigious client & was destined for final voyage to Abu Dhabi via Mumbai Port. Vacuum Desecrator being 27252 x 5255 x 5825 mm in dimension & weighing around 84 Tons, was not feasible to move via road to Mumbai Port & had to be moved via Multi-Modal Transport. MFC was preferred over other competitors for this job based on its long term experience in Multi-Modal transport & Project Forwarding. Planning for the subject awarded move was initiated & Godrej jetty was finalized as terminal point for further dispatch towards Mumbai Port. Technical & Operation Team were geared up & route survey team were put on action & sent ahead to check for any hick up’s or bottlenecks from Godrej Plant to Jetty. Technical team were studying the drawing to plan for #HydraulicAxle & #VolvoPuller which will be required for the said task. Major Prerequisite were taken into consideration & all required permissions were taken from Govt. authorities & finally having done all the due diligence, we were all ready to hit the road. With a sudden change in climatic condition, accompanied with heavy monsoon & wind, it was nearly impossible to proceed with plans we had & were further pushed to wait for favorable condition to proceed. Keeping in mind of the tough weather condition on one hand & laycan of vessel awaiting at Mumbai Port on other, a suitable Barge & Tug was leased for. Barge was then docked at Godrej Jetty & Volvo Puller with 16 Axle Line was arranged at Godrej Plant for loading. Finally, after all the due diligence & study, arrived the big day. Movement was initiated from #Godrej plant on 10th Jun 2018 where #VacuumDesecrator was loaded on Axle’s & further dispatched towards jetty. All the necessary arrangements including ramps, steel plates & sand bags were kept ready to make sure roll on activity on barge would take place easily, ruling out any possibility of jeopardizing time & risk to assets & personnel. Total of 8 stools with height of 1.2 meters were arranged & made sure, package is properly sealed & secured thereafter which package was further dispatched to #MumbaiPort where it was further loaded on vessel “Industrial Challenger” for its final voyage to Abu Dhabi.

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