Maria Angelou      Thu, 24/06/2021

A month ago, at the 4th THLG Online Conference on May 18th, 2021, besides all other interesting topics of the Agenda, elections took place on this Zoom meeting since the serving time of the ExCom had come to an end.

As the ExCom wished to continue their work, they had all asked for the vote of the members as they were all candidates again at the elections. The only new addition as candidate is of Natalya Kulagina of Vesta who unfortunately was unable to attend the meeting due to time difference.

After conducting the pole online with participating members where each member had to vote for the 5 members of the ExCom, we are excited to announced the new Executive Committee serving 2021-2023.

  1. Murilo Caldana of FOX Brasil, President and Business Development Officer
  2. Elisabeth Cosmatos of Cosmatos Group, Marketing Manager
  3. Blanca Claeyssens of ASA France, Treasurer
  4. Alessio Bianchi of DCS Liburnus, Social Responsibility and Sponsorship Officer
  5. Johann Feltgen of Sogebras, Admissions Officer
  6. Colin D’Abreo of Rhenus USA, Ad-hoc member
  7. Natalya Kulagina of Vesta Logistic Company, Ad-hoc member

All candidates were re-elected except Natalya who has just been elected in the ExCom.

They all expressed their gratitude for being re-elected and thanked all members for their trust and vote of confidence. There are many plans and goals of making the group even stronger.

Murilo Caldana pointed out the ExCom’ aim on continuous business development and strategic cooperation on worldwide projects between THLG members and Elisabeth Cosmatos said that she will continue her efforts in rebranding THLG.

All members congratulated them and asked them to continue the good work and their enthusiasm for the group.