Isadora Rawlins      Wed, 18/10/2023

Santiago, Chile – Tecniproject, drawing from decades of experience, demonstrated its exceptional capabilities by successfully delivering a 110-ton Speco transformer to SAESA, a leading player in the chilean energy industry. This cargo was transported from Valparaíso Port to SE Picoltue, more than 500kms south, all within a time-efficient schedule.

The operation came with significant challenges, like tunnels with height restrictions of 4,8 meters and bridges, particularly because of the transformer's weight and size. Tecniproject, with their extensive experience, conquered these hurdles by utilizing their own equipment known for its precision handling of oversized loads.

Using "skidding and jacking" technique to perform the unloading of the transformer, the skilled professionals from Tecniproject overcame size and weight challenges, showcasing industry expertise and collaborative problem-solving.

Efficient route planning, rigorous safety measures, and punctual delivery further underscore Tecniproject's unwavering commitment to delivering complex projects with precision and time efficiency. Their decades of expertise in the transportation industry reinforce their position as a top-tier transportation provider, capable of managing demanding tasks with seasoned expertise and care for crucial clients like SAESA.


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