Satish Kumar Singh      Mon, 21/11/2022

Total Movements, a THLG member for India delivers Energy Project Cargo from India to Mexico.

The customer wanted to move this critical cargo by containers but scarce space & sky-high freight rates made it extremely difficult thereby delaying the shipment schedule. This was when Total Movements stepped in to offer a cost-effective solution on a breakbulk vessel.

Our team worked closely with multiple ship owners & nominated a breakbulk vessel with a prompt laycan immediately upon the job award.

Since the packing of the cargo was done to suit containerization, our team worked with various stakeholders involved to ensure safe stowage/carriage of the cargo. Even though our scope was limited to shipping only, we assisted our customer in escorting a few critical ODC packages which were moving slowly and could have missed the vessel.

Our team's responsiveness and adaptability to ever changing scenarios helped execute this critical shipment in a safe, timely and economical manner. We would like to thank all the stakeholders involved who helped in making this shipment a grand success.


Moving Cargo with Passion!

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