David Yan      Wed, 20/03/2019

In our daily life, people always expect the miracle happen around us so as to bring amazing and colorful feeling instead of dull routing life, in fact, we could also create miracle by ourselves. In the end of 2018, we, HISIANG LOGISTICS COMPANY made very successful DDP delivery in IAQ for oil and gas industry. Total 38000 freight tons coating pipes ex Pyeongtaek up to IRAQ PETRONAS jobsite. This job are entirely conquered by our sophiscated project team. The final achievement is far beyond our customer’s expectation. This would be a long but interesting story. All these 38000 tons coating pipes were carried with HYUNDAI&SWIRE SHIPPING&HANSA VESSELS in three lots. Due to the tremendous weight, this is really big challenge! Can you imagine the scene that hundreds of heavy trucks gathering together in the meantime? That is really impressive and marvelous business. Guess how many trucks exactly for the job to be achieved? It was more than 450 heavy trucks! How these miracles were achieved? Firstly, we have to avoid any possible damage to the coating pipes in the whole journey. To meet the requirement, all the parties including supplier, buyer, project owner (PETRONAS), port authority, vessel owners, forwarders, surveyor, seven parties in the same time got together for port meeting to finalize whole process. All people paid great attention and tried the best effort together to conquer the difficulty. Secondly, Vessels were sailing on the voyage to Umm Qasar. Duty/tax exemption couldn't be started until you have the legalized documents and BL. We hurried to finished duty/tax exemption as soon before the vessel arrival to save big Iraq port storage. Everything is finished timely! Everything went perfectly! Thanks to our brave delegate and HSE manager who lived in jobsite to communicate with receiver to discharge hundreds of trucks on time. Thirdly, the most difficult challenge we faced was with the second lot. Our hundreds trucks had to drive slowly in the muddy area where unexpected storm keep raining. It was unnormal to have such heavy rain in the desert area! With big team work, we finally made the whole project went smoothly and profitably. Well-planning plus devotion and good communication made us different! The client praise us for miracles making. If you want to make miracle in China, do feel free to contact with us at pricing@hisiang.com

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