Andreas Hytas      Wed, 12/07/2023

Dear THLG members,

THLG’s 68th Conference held in The Hague was what can only call a great success with a record attendance of 87 participants and even more at our Gala Dinner and Breakbulk show! Let us remember some of the good moments we all shared.

It all began at our Meet & Greet gathering, at the hotel lobby, where Rowners SA was the proud sponsor of our drinks and snacks since their home country Argentina was crowned World Cup Champion back in November 2022. We continued the night for our Informal Dinner at the Twins seaside restaurant for a nice BBQ and cocktail workshop. Everyone experienced the joy of making, from scratch, a perfect Mohito and a delicious Sex on the Beach.

The next day was the Conference Day where many interesting topics were discussed and analyzed, and three new members were added to our THLG family. After a full day of business interaction, we all gathered for our Gala Dinner. A very moving night as we bid farewell to a lifelong partner and supporter of the Group. Jos, and his wife Marlies were awarded for their contribution and dedication to THLG for over 35 years. But those were not the only awards. We celebrated the 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of membership for many of our members, and prized the winners of our “Photo of the Year” and “Job of the Year” contests. And last but not least, for the first time in THLG history we welcomed the first female THLG President, Elisabeth Cosmatos of Cosmatos Group. The rest of the night rolled by as we enjoyed excellent food and wine and the simple joy of being in company with dear peers.

Breakbulk Europe 2023 was a great year for THLG. We yet again introduced a brand-new fresh booth, which in general acknowledgement, gathered the most attention. Hundreds of visitors passed by and we all had the opportunity to meet customers, friends and business partners. Here below you can find links to all the presentations, minutes and photos of the THLG 68th Conference. Till we meet again!

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